Registered with the Department of Business Development, Thai Ministry of Commerce on September 12th, 2019, AURA MASTER & ECOTOPIA EXCELLENT CO., LTD. aims to be a leading educational organization of personal development, long-life learning programs, research consultation, environmental education, environmental management consultation and responsible tourism services. We provide all interested societies with a great quality service in documentation, translation and interpreting in English-Thai or vice versa, on-demand training, educational services, and research consultation

Currently, we have created and organized several teaching and training programs to serve societies with the exclusive service with a warm welcome and positive learning atmosphere with a focus on happiness and well-being. Our fundamental and professional training programs are designed for serving all specific demands in terms of personal and organisational development, including art and academy courses.

Our courses of Thai and English language teaching are designed and developed for serving the specific purposes such as workplace and daily communication, academics, research work, career development, and English Learning for various examinations. Additionally, we provide consultation and professional training programs in terms of elementary to higher education in national and international institutions with an exclusive service. We also organize the domestic and international courses of learning and training as an exclusive program for personal development and organizational development.

Furthermore, we work as a leading professional organizer for setting up seminars and workshops including national and international academic conferences with a full range service. Lastly, we also organize a variety of training programs for enhancing academic knowledge and provide the inclusive environmental management research and training program with a greater focus on socioeconomic well-being and the suitable practices of environmental conservation to ensure the sustainable development with the principle of sufficiency economy.


We will pass on a variety of knowledge and skills through a variety of courses, and we are also ready to be your mentor throughout the learning path for the full potential development.


We will be your magnificent mentor for you throughout the learning path.

We will be one of your friends that do amazing things together, no matter how big projects with great quality and spend valuable time together.



We create a variety of educational and experience courses for the development and promotion of lifelong learning process skills.

We create multidisciplinary education and gather knowledge of both art and science which are usually learned through a variety of experiences.


Excellent service is an important part of our work.

We will provide excellent services for all kinds of activities and projects which are our responsibilities.


“Be the Greater Victor and Lifelong Learner with Us for Enhancing both Personal and Professional Development”



We created the lifelong learners’ environment for enhancing personal and professional development with a positive and focus on happiness. Our work also includes environmental education and natural resource management projects for establishing good partnerships and strong networks.


Our website logo means “Keep growing as the great tree for creating the desirable success of art and academic networks across the world


Our authorized rubber stamp of company seal which use to certify documentation with the signature of managing director

Note: We use this original company seal as the authorized rubber stamp in the formal document with our managing director only (only use with the crucial permission)



We are the master instructors with a great team members which is called “Art & Academy Mastery” who work as a key part of Aura Master & Ecotopia Excellent Co., Ltd.  We organize a variety of art and academy topics with our passion and share benefits to local societies.


“Creating Your Desirable Success Together As Our Commitment”


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257/71 Suthep Rd. Suthep Sub-district, Muang District, Chiang Mai 50200 

Office phone number: 053-278-361

Mobile number: 095-391-5765

(Office hour: 10.00 AM. – 4 PM.,

Except Saturday & Sunday)

Mobile number: 087-191-3902 (Out of office hour)

E-mail: aomaura@gmail.com

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