Social Science programs invite all participating youths, university students and lifelong learners to travelling Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and England to explore the diversity of cultures and beautiful landscapes. A combination of educational programs, seminars, workshops and field trips to key historical and cultural sites across the continent, balanced with program lectures, briefings, networking opportunities and higher educational programs provide an enriching experience for youths, university students and lifelong learners  to learn, research and reflect their perspectives on the world.

Beyond academic program, youths, university students and lifelong learners will have time to explore and experience the places they visit with our exclusive travel services. They will be encouraged to read daily newspapers, watch local television and engage in social media networks. While exploring the areas in which they are based, they will also have numerous opportunities to interact with locals, providing for a very enriching overall experience.

We will work closely with our host communities and local networks to support our educational programs and workshops as well as provide their ecological sustainable and socio-economic well-being. Our “Social Science Programs” provide a platform for youths, university students and lifelong learners are indicated as follows:

  • Active learning with local instructors, academics and NGOs who work on the social science fields and some specific issues.

  • Participate in local classroom lectures, seminars and workshops with youths, university students and lifelong learners and international academics.

  • Have a meeting room for set up the public speaking and discussions with government officials, local researchers and academics

  • Explore and learn the local knowledge to gain a comprehensive understanding and insightful information of history, politics, economics, languages, cultures, food, norms, social issues and educational structures in Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and England.

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