Our “Business Management Programs” provides the perfect opportunity to enhance theory and classroom and training rooms’ practices and materials with real-world cases and experiences. We invite youths, university students and lifelong learners to study and join the training programs about the key trends, players and issues of globalization and localised business strategy. As our key purpose, all participated youths, university students and lifelong learners will have their opportunities to participate in lectures or training programs from academics, government officials and business professionals, attend industry field trips to SMEs and multinational corporations, and compare and contrast different business landscapes, whilst visiting key historical and cultural sites in Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and England.

Our educational travel programs (plus business learning programs) enable business students to:


  • Enhance learners’ confidence to engage the differentiation of cultures and prompt to learn new things or new experiences with good merits

  • Can handle the challenges and accept the good opportunities that organisations have in Asia

  • Get better insight into the working practices and norms in different countries

  • Extend global awareness, enhancing international business perspective and understanding

  • Take advantage of our unique connections and business networks in Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and England.

Note: Itineraries may vary in length from one to two weeks, and can include longer business placements where students undertake consultancy projects for local businesses and social enterprises. Our programs provide the perfect opportunity to put theory into practice whilst making a lasting positive social impact in the communities we work with.

Let us know your willingness to join in our programs. We will provide you the most suitable courses and related information with exclusive service.  

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