New Zealand  is a country with a top-level safety, quality, international accredited institutions and 8 universities, allowing students around the world to study in New Zealand's education system that focuses on students to improve their skills and knowledge for achieving the desirable careers and other aspects of life at a global level. New Zealand has several schools that offer English language courses that require government certification (all high school is registered with NZQA). This will ensure the educational quality that the institution held the high quality of teaching and learning in all criteria. 

Studying in New Zealand is the 1st class of global education


The government’s New Zealand welcome all people who come to study and work in New Zealand and with the friendly atmosphere. The government also take care of student’s security who come to study.  Therefore, this is a key reason that invite students to study English languages and all levels of education ​​in New Zealand.

New Zealand 's education system is internationally recognized as one of world class education with high reputation. New Zealand universities are accepting new students. Early education year is started during the month of February as the first term of study. There are two types of educational systems which are

The semester system has 2 semesters:
1. February - June
2. July - November


In addition, the teaching and learning of the New Zealand nation has a basic form from the education system in England. That is respected at an international level Students who choose to study languages ​​in New Zealand will be taught in an English-speaking environment. Teaching and learning with high standards Therefore helping students who come to study both in English Freedom of thought for oneself and the matter of realizing one's potential.  Every student intending to study the English language in New Zealand, they must pass a placement test in English with the school that is going to study so that the school can prepare the right course for the learner correctly. Each institution has small classes. The teacher can keep an eye on the learners, students studying languages ​​in New Zealand. 

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