Study Bachelor Degree - Master Degree in England

Study Master's Degree in English 2020, No   grade, English is not good, can go to study  

**  Apply and proceed for free in every step

For those who are interested in studying in the Master's Degree in England, the first step is to get to know the course they will go to, such as International Business, MBA, Economic, International Relations, Engineering, Computer Science, Marketing etc. After that, we will help recommend the university And the courses that you Can choose to study In order to be in line with the needs of the academic performance and the budget of the students that are available. Your grades (GPA) can affect the application to get good grades. Then can choose a university with a high rank but not that you With poor grades Will not be able to attend at all There will be courses that prepare them before entering the Master's Degree, such as Pre-Master.

Golden opportunity for students interested in studying in the Bachelor and Master  Degree in England, 2020 onwards.

✔  Get a chance to find work after graduation in England for a maximum of 2 years. 
✔  Part-time work, up to 10 hours / week *
✔  While studying for a Bachelor degree in England, can work Part time 20 hours / week, Full Time up to 50 hours during the semester break.
✔  Not high grade, can get into U top
✔  Graduated within 3 years (4 year internship after graduation)
✔  Open for January And every September * 
✔  IELTS score is less than the criteria of the university can enter
✔  Course fee starts at 500,000 baht
✔  Accommodation available for international students


Q & A Study in Bachelor's / Master's degree in the UK. No need to use IELTS. 


Q: Who is studying non-IELTS English for whom?
A: Suitable for students who have completed the International Program

Q: Which universities do not need to use IELTS?
A: Anglia Ruskin University / Bournemouth University / Sheffield Hallam University /  York St. John University / University of Hertfordshire / University of Northampton  / University of Portsmouth / University of Sunderland / University of the West of England (UWE Bristol)

Q: Studying in English Can you work too?
A:  During Bachelor's and Master's degrees, you can work for Part time 20 hours / week, Full Time for up to 50 hours during semester break. And have the opportunity to receive Work Placement after graduating up to 2 years.

Q: I haven't finished my international grade, not high IELTS, can I continue to study in England?
A: Yes, you can consult OEC elders for free, answering all problems of studying. With the right university guarantee Without charge.


Master's Degree Program In England
Master's programs can be divided into 2 major categories, which are

1. Taught Program Programs
2. Research Program Programs


Taught programs are normally taught. It is a seminar and seminar class. But for Research Program programs, it is suitable for students Who want to study the program in which they are Special interest

PhD courses in England

PhD program that requires self-study Mostly under the supervision of an advisor Most students Will graduate At the master's level Before admission to doctorate level But students with a bachelor's degree and have a good academic record or enough relevant work experience May also be able to apply to study at the doctorate level as well.  For students who tend to apply at the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) level first and when they meet the academic requirements. Therefore able to study at the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) level and take 3 to 4 years to complete Students will spend the first 2 to 3 years in researching, conducting research and planning for thesis writing.

Interested in studying at

  • Undergraduate,

  • Postgraduate,

  • High School

  • English Language (English Course)

Scholarships/ discount / promotion

  • Scholarships, discounts, study at  UK universities ,

  • promotion, study languages in England,  study abroad

Primary and High School in England

There are many primary and secondary schools in England that have world class quality education. They are divided into public and private schools. For international students,  they have the right to study in a private school only the private school. The private school, is accepting applications for students aged 13 years who pass the CEE exam (after the completion of primary school). Parents can choose to have children go to all male schools, female schools or co-educational schools which is available throughout the country, both regular and day trips of visiting also can choose. There are several  private schools for choosing and visiting. Thus, parents who will send their children to study in one of the high schools in England, please take the time you need to compare all information before making a decision.

English Language Institute

There are many language schools in England. Most Thai students who go to study language institutes in England Will start with studying For the development of English language skills To have a higher level of study in other levels if you are thinking of studying in English Considered to be a very good choice. Due to studying with a native speaker Also a source of authentic English Therefore, going to study in the UK is very interesting journey and good for self investment.

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