One of our popular programs is “Study in Singapore” for youths, university students and lifelong learners who are looking for a language study course in Singapore (short or long term), currently many students choose to go "Studying languages ​​in Singapore at Known as the city center of business, finance and education in Southeast Asia. Therefore making Thai students popular to study in Singapore.  

Singapore is recognized as the fastest growing economic city in the world. Students (youths, university students and lifelong learners) who come to study have the opportunity to study at World class quality And learn English and Chinese culture at the same time. Adaptation of Thai students into the new environment of Singapore is not too difficult, both climate adjustment, food, Singapore has a diverse ethnic groups who live in Singapore, including Chinese, Malay, Indian and European. The colonization of Singapore still has an influence to this day. You can see from the buildings and churches that are located south of the river, including amazing architecture which is a reminder of the past colonisation period.

Studying in Singapore will find that the use of local Asian languages ​​and English is widespread. As a result, the Singaporean education system is bilingual, taught in English and local languages ​​such as Malay, Chinese and Tamil.

Singapore's education is internationally recognized with highly quality. Studying English at the leading universities within Singapore, you also have the opportunity to learn both English and Chinese language including their culture as well. Available course >>Download Here<<

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