We work on the various services of English-Thai documentation, translation and interpretation. Our services are provided by our experts with a wide range of professions, particularly education, business, management, marketing, information technology, science and technology, environmental and natural resources management etc.


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Our team provides a variety of English and Thai language courses for junior students, adults, seniors and corporations to serve all demands. Our courses are provided by our professional and experienced trainers. We also design the English and Thai language courses to fit with your needs with exclusive services.


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To those who want to study abroad, especially in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom or other countries, we can help you with an exclusive service to pursue your dreams, degrees and gain more experiences abroad.


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We organize the various styles of workshops and training programs for supporting personal and organisational development to serve all demands and responds to the current trends. These courses are essential for transforming and improving the mindset and performance of individuals and corporate staffs to achieve their work goals with good life quality as well as attain the successful future.


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We provide the research consultation with our designed programs and services. Our research team consists of experts who have research experience and solid foundation of various research types on multidisciplinary research topics such as tourism management, logistics, social studies, economics, financial management, business, marketing, natural resource and environmental management and sustainability. We are ready to have the consultation sessions and exclusive services with you.


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We provide a variety of environmental education and natural management consultation with our designed programs and services. Our programs are designed to serve the sustainable practices of environmental education and natural resource management. Our programs combine with the academic and local knowledge together with the aspirations and ambitions of young people who join our programs. Our programs are also designed as the strategic ways to strengthen leadership skills, build resilience and improve cross-cultural understanding among program participants and local communities. Our primary aim is to provide suitable long-term sustainable development to all participants and communities in our programs through the process of learning by doing as the real practices.


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